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Vue.js component for share link to social networks and mobile messangers

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A simple way to share a link on the pages of your website in the most popular (and not so) social networks. Powered by goodshare.js project.

The Why?

Vue.js-ready™ component. Simple install, extensive documentation, developer support, SEO friendly, many options for customization of appearance, clean code without scripts tracking user activity on the page, high speed.

Beautiful button design already included. Just choose one, add attribute to component and save!


Project assistance

If you want to say «thank you» or/and support active development vue-goodshare:

  1. Add a GitHub Star to project.
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  3. Donate some money to project author via PayPal: @paypal.me/koddr.
  4. Join DigitalOcean at our referral link (your profit is $100 and we get $25).

Thanks for your support! 😘 Together, we make this project better every day.

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time